We are a worldwide development agency working to help families suffering through poverty and crises to create a sustainable future. Through all that we do we seek to serve God and bring people the good news of Jesus.


Why focus on families?

At the heart of all our projects are families, strong families build strong communities and in turn create stable societies. Families can be a place of care for life where members support each other and sharing happens first. Together we can resource and empower families as they struggle to combat the daily and relentless challenges they face.

Family example Family example
Project spotlight Burkina Faso

Giving life, risking death: Burkina Faso Maternity Unit

The miracle of life is a blessing that all families should celebrate . Treacherous roads, long distances and high costs of health care all contribute towards the risks of giving birth. Burkina Faso is located in West Africa, the country is landlocke ...

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