Ark Quest

Ark Quest

In 2008, Calvine Ominde started a feeding programme for eight children in his village. Over the next three years, Calvine, and his friends, Peter Ndichu and Shem Kuyah, all university lecturers, were able to develop a school, which was eventually established on land made available by Calvine’s father. The first school building was erected with help from a team from Bethlehem College. It consisted of nine rooms constructed from eucalyptus pole and mud bricks, with corrugated iron roofs. More recently, the first three rooms of a permanent sixteen room school, were completed.

Ark Quest Education Centre provides education (Kindergarten through to Year 8) and two meals a day for approximately 130 students. It is a private school that receives no government funding. Students are charged fees, but the reality is that many cannot afford to pay, so the school is constantly battling to pay its way. Research shows that education is the key to ending poverty. Sadly, many who complete their primary education, are unable to afford to continue to secondary schools.

There are plans for further development of the school and also for community development that will improve the lives of many in their district, and are well on their way to achieving this goal.

How can you help? The school needs to pay its staff, and to provide daily meals for the vulnerable children who attend. Money is also needed to provide text books, stationery items and all the other essentials throughout the school day.



Key facts

Founded in 2008

130 students on roll

Located in western Kenya

Six classrooms

Kindergarten through to junior secondary


Interview with Founder, Calvine Ominde


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project updates

March 21st 2024

Project launched