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The International Needs Family has supported children through sponsorship for over 40 years

Children around the world face incredible hardships, as their families struggle in the poverty around them and are unable to send them to school. With education, children can learn essential skills, both academic and practical, to support themselves better in the future, and their family too.


You could join our International Needs Family of givers today by choosing to change a child’s future for just £20 per month.

Children who are

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Sponsorship Provides

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School Fees

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Medical Care

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Nutritious meals

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School Materials

Making a difference
  • Shimu from Bangladesh

    When Shimu first started on the sponsorship programme in 2015 she was 7 years old (pictured left). Her family live in the slum area of Naogaon in Bangladesh, where her Dad tries to sell vegetables door to door for a living. Through sponsorship, the pressure of finding school fees for Shimu has been taken away from the family so there is more money available for basic necessities, such as food and clothing. Alongside a good quality education, sponsorship also provides Shimu with all her educational materials, uniform, a nutritious meal a day and health check-ups. She is now much healthier and happier (shown in picture on the right).

  • Purnakala from Nepal

    Purnakala is a 2009 Graduate of The Lydia Vocational Training Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Now she is an independent, respected woman running a small tailoring shop of her own where she also trains ladies to sew, delivers basic health education and empowers vulnerable women in the community.

How it works

If you sign up to sponsor a child, you will receive a Welcome Pack including a photo of your sponsored child, letter templates, an IN Family badge and details about the programme. Each year, you will receive four mailings from your sponsored child, including a school report. You will be able to write to them at any point and encourage them in their studies, using the template below.

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If you have any questions, please contact Jo Wilson our Sponsorship Coordinator at

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