Leadership and Talent Centre for Kenya’s Street Youth

Leadership and Talent Centre for Kenya’s Street Youth

Supporting the Re-Integration of Kenya’s Street Youth with the Construction of a Leadership and Talent Centre.


Pastor Joshua Kirani’s Street Work:  

Since 2006, Pastor Joshua Kirani has been heading the Grace Empowerment Programme in Kenya. He has been doing some tremendous work towards rescuing and rehabilitating street youth in Nairobi, Kenya.

Pastor Joshua Preaching to Street Youth at a Base Camp

With your help, Pastor Joshua has been able to rescue hundreds of street boys in Nairobi providing them with:

  • Nutritious meals
  • Counselling from the gospel
  • Help with breaking addictions to drugs and other harmful substances
  • A safe haven of the ‘Half-Way House’ that has kept a small number of boys off the streets, allowing them to begin the journey of rehabilitation under Joshua’s guidance.

Despite the strides made with rescue and rehabilitation, re-integration has had its challenges given the limitations of the half-way house. The semi-permanent structure has limited space and resources; and in order that the street youth receive a longer time for rehabilitation these issues are all vital.

Currently, the Half-Way House can only accommodate a maximum of 4 boys at a time for a few weeks before they have to leave for a new set of beneficiaries given the large numbers on the waiting list.

Half-Way House

A New Rehabilitation Centre 

To extend the process of rehabilitation and support re-integration, IN UK and IN Kenya are partnering with Pastor Joshua to build a permanent rehabilitation centre (called the Talent and Leadership Centre). This will form the basis for up to 15 boys at a time and over a hundred boys in the next 5 years to receive a better quality and continuation of care.

It will serve a solid base which will be well staffed with a Counsellor, Teacher and Social workers, following through with activities that will support the restoration of street youth.


Activities such as:

  • Counselling
  • Nutritious meals
  • Gospel teachings
  • Sports activities
  • Non-formal education
  • Vocational training
  • Business management skills training
  • Group discussions
  • Camping and other creative activities


Some of Key Outcomes for the Street Youth will be: 

  • Empowerment and Capacity Building through; Non-Formal Education, Sports, Vocational Training and Business Training
  • Rehabilitation from the use of drugs and other harmful substances
  • Restoration through the Gospel
  • Re-Integration back with their families and into society
  • Families will be Engaged and Empowered
  • Local Community will be Enlightened

Street Youth Learning Carpentry

This will ensure that young people will be motivated to break detrimental addictions and be restored as individuals who can engage with their families and society.  


A Sustainable Programme  

The future we want for the street youth is for them to be rescued, undergo total rehabilitation, and be re-integrated back to their families and into society.

We want each boy who goes through the Leadership and Talent Centre’s Rehabilitation Programme to stand on his two feet in a skilled trade or education, empowered to provide a sustainable income for himself and for the vulnerable family they come from where possible. This begins with training at the centre to master a craft or skill to use for their life beyond the haven of this centre.  


Sustainability Plans For The Leadership and Talent Centre

A percentage of the running costs for the centre will be generated locally through activities around crop and livestock farming.

In the long run, Grace Empowerment (GE) plans to extend the centre to build in a local resort on the land from which rentals of the rooms should provide a higher local income generation. The resort will also be a training platform for the boys in hospitality which is a thriving sector in Kenya.

GE and IN Kenya are confident that many of the boys will be able to get apprenticeships or jobs in the hospitality industry once they leave the centre. Some may be able to open and manage their own businesses in this industry 


Your Support  

Can you help towards building the Leadership and Talent Centre to transform the lives of street boys in Kenya?  

We are very thankful for your support so far as we have raised enough to be able to purchase a site for the land to build this Talent Centre.

We now need to raise funds for its construction.  

Together we can restore street children back to their families and to brighter futures. 

If you would like to donate: 


would pay for fire extinguishers for the centre


would pay for the electrical light bulbs 


would pay for water connection to the Kenya water board  


would pay for kitchen appliances and beddings 


would help us to get going with the architectural drawings, quantity surveying and government land fees 


would pay for the septic tank to set up a water recycling system  


would pay for all the water tanks and installation   


would pay for the installation of a borehole system for water 


would cover the running costs for one year 


would build the administration block, kitchen and first part of the centre  


would pay for construction of the second phase of the centre – the main rehabilitation centre  


would furnish the main rehab centre  

No amount is too small to donate. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more. 


We need a much bigger donor base for this project.

It would be most helpful if just a few people introduced us to new audiences! 


As a big new project, we need to reach more people to raise interest and support to make this possible. Could you help us do this by introducing us to your church, school, company or friends? We’d love to chat about this, please get in touch if so. 

“This centre will make a big difference to us. Our goal is to get these young people out of the streets and to rehabilitate them so they can live normal lives.  I believe that with a centre where we can concentrate on them, as we pray and do all things together, we will be able to have a bigger breakthrough in their lives.”

Pastor Joshua