Family support

How a family looks may vary greatly within each community but the need for a firm foundation and basic access to resources remains the same. We are working with families in poverty around the world to enable them to help each other.

Below, we show two examples of a family makeup in our partner countries and how you can make a difference.

Family example

Families around the world

Are a supporting block
of any community

Mean sharing first

Come in a surprising

Create stability

Are a place of care for life

The difficulties families face

West Africa

Aristides is 14 years old. His father is a smallholder farmer growing maize and millet to provide food for the family or to trade for an income. Aristides has a passion to learn, but his family could not afford the school fees. Aristides was so determined to stay in school that he started buying and selling sweets from traders during the school holidays. He would use this money to pay for the next term school fees. On a recent trip to Burkina Faso, a volunteer met Aristides and his family, and agreed to support his education through our Child Assistance Programme. Aristides can look forward to a future with expanded opportunities from which the whole family will benefit.

Central Africa

Meet Robina, she lives in the village of Buikwe, Uganda, in Central Africa. She is a widow with 5 children, her husband died aged 40 from contracting AIDS so the family was left fatherless and with no income for food. With assistance from International Needs Uganda, Robina has the means now to send some children to the local school, has livestock to raise an income and provide food.

Families in Uganda look quite different to the UK, they can be the eldest child looking after a family where both parents have died, they could be headed by a grandparent who heroically is taking on grandchildren late in life with no social welfare safety net.

Story of hope

Educating Azeta

Azeta is the daughter of Solomon, her mother died and he married again another woman who brought along other children and sisters and elderly parents. Her Father would like to send her to school but cannot afford the school fees as well as providing for all the new family members. He has to look for odd jobs from people in town and try to grow enough food on his land.
A supporter came forward to assist Azeta. She now can attend school every day, access medical care for emergency consultations and will eventually be literate, educated and have opportunity’s to build a future and in turn help her family.

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With your support, we can help families build their own sustainability through projects such as improving access clean water, schooling and improved livelihoods.