The International Needs Family

We invite you to join us in believing in change and supporting families around the world. Join our family by committing to regular giving to one of our five Project Areas or where the need is greatest. This support will enable us to invest in more families so that they can create their own sustainable futures.

We will then keep you updated with the impact of your donations. Whether you choose to support Water, Livelihoods, Education, Health or Church Support, your funding will benefit the lives of families around the world.

Please read about the potential impact of your support below and join us.

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Why give monthly?

Make a lasting difference

Regular giving is simple to setup and adds up to make a lasting difference to the lives of families.

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Support families during crises

Regular giving allows families to trust us to support them in prolonged periods of crisis.

Prepare impactful projects

Regular giving enables us to prepare and plan projects to deliver continued impact.

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Our areas of development

Church Support

Church Support

In all that we do, we want to share the good news of Jesus Christ. We recognise that our partners are the best placed in their local communities to do this. We want more people to know Jesus’ love through word and practical action. By becoming a CHURCH SUPPORT member of the International Needs Family, your giving will support local pastors, fund discipleship training, children's clubs and provide resources for the local church to connect families with the Gospel. Find out more about our ongoing Church Support Programmes on our projects page.



We believe that Education is the first step on the route out of poverty. Yet around the world, an estimated 263 million children and young people are not in school. Through Education Projects and Child Sponsorship we are supporting children into education. With our partners, we have built schools and school facilities, trained teachers, provided educational resources and more. Through our child sponsorship programme, over 1,100 children across 12 countries are currently supported to go to school by UK sponsors. By becoming a EDUCATION member of the International Needs Family, your monthly giving will support our ongoing education projects around the world.



The burden of sickness and disease severely reduces the ability of a family to grow in stability and plan a better future. Around the world, so many families struggle to access to basic medical care due to distance, cost or lack of doctors. With our partners we work to support communities through building new medical centers, providing equipment and medicine, supporting community health programmes and more. By becoming a HEALTH member of the International Needs Family, your monthly giving will support our ongoing health projects around the world. Find out more about our health projects on our projects page.



Around the world, 844 million people still don't have access to clean water and 2.3 billion people lack toilets. The lack of clean water and proper sanitation facilities are some of the largest barriers to eradicating extreme poverty as it damages the health, education progression and income potential of families. International Needs works with local partners to support families and communities in tackling their water and sanitation challenges. This can include everything from drilling new wells and building toilets, to training community members to repair water sources and teaching young women to make sustainable sanitary products. By becoming a WATER member of the International Needs Family, your monthly giving will support our water programmes to bring water and sanitation solutions to vulnerable families. Find out more about our ongoing water projects on our projects page.



We work directly with families in some of the poorest, most rural areas of our world. We believe that to make real change, it is necessary to do more than just meet their immediate needs; we therefore support families with programmes that provide resources and livestock, provide vocational skills training, run savings groups and support the creation of small businesses. Through these programmes we are supporting families to grow their income potential and create sustainable and stable futures. By becoming a LIVELIHOODS member of the International Needs Family, your monthly giving will support our ongoing livelihoods projects around the world. Find out more about our livelihoods projects on our projects page.

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