An Online Evening with Pastor Joshua

Pastor Joshua, founder of the Grace Empowerment Organisation with whom we partner in Nairobi, will be visiting numerous churches and groups in London and the South East in November and December 2023. Details of some of the events are available here.

If you cannot attend in person (or even if you can!) we’d also love to invite you to a special online event at 6pm on Thursday 30 November. This will be an opportunity to learn more about Pastor Joshua and his experience serving hundreds of homeless young people over the years. It will also be an opportunity to discover more about his vision for the future – a new-build Leadership and Talent Centre to really harness the potential for these resilient and creative young people.

Learn what it really means to be without shelter, food or reliable access to much that we take for granted here in the UK. Understand how even a national identity card can be life-changing but often elusive. Discern how overlooked and ostracised youngsters can rebuild their self-esteem and ability to participate in society, starting with what God says about their value and worth.