March 15th, 2024

Healing through the Lens: Trauma Care Support

The students from La Bonne Nouvelle who have been part of the Trauma Care Programme have been delighted to show off their produce…

(Directly above) the beauty of organic vegetables can be seen in their unusual shapes! The tomato harvest was a great success!

(Above) Melons, salad and cauliflowers are just a few of the vegetables harvested by students on the Trauma Care Support programme.

(Above) Students who are part of the Trauma Care Programme were excited to see the progress of their onions

(Above) Lots of Aubergines were harvested by the refugee students

(Directly above, left) Bitter tomato, also known as Ethiopian Eggplant

(Directly above: one of the juicy homegrown cucumbers)

One of the young women joyfully tasting a tomato, a tasty result from hard work!

25 internally displaced children attend woodworking sessions.

In a heartening display of healing and hope, we have seen a transformative journey unfold for displaced children in our care. Trauma counselling support by a psychologist and prayer sessions led by a pastor have given children a safe space to heal. Remarkably, 50 of these children now claim to be completely healed from their traumas, a testament to the power of compassionate care. Additionally, some youngsters have embraced Jesus as their personal saviour, and have found solace in regularly attending church services. We continue to foster healing, faith, and resilience in the lives of those we serve.