March 16th, 2018

Story of Hope: Jessica’s story

Jessica and her two grandsons.

Jessica lives in Buikwe Uganda and looks after her two grandchildren after their parents sadly died from HIV/Aids. Her grandsons rely on her to provide for all their basic needs such as food, school, water and healthcare, but Jessica has parkinsons disease so this can be very difficult.

Until last year, Jessica’s family did not have a toilet, meaning her and her grandchildren were at risk of diarrhoeal disease. No toilet meant they had to resort to going out in the open. This contributes to the spread of disease to other families, especially if waste ends up in a nearby water supply. This is compounded by the lack of hand washing facilities.

In Uganda, diarrhoeal diseases kill 4,500 children each year: this could be prevented with improved hygiene, sanitation and safe water.

For Jessica’s family to drink, wash, cook and water crops, they need around 80 Litres of water every day. Due to her illness, Jessica has to rely on her grandchildren to collect the 4 jerry cans each holding 20 Litres of water that their family need. The time her grandsons had to spent collecting water was time taken away from school, homework, playing and resting.

Toilets build for Jessica and her family

In 2017, our partners in Uganda identified Jessica’s family as in great need of support. Through the Water Programme, they now have a family bathroom with two toilets, a washroom and hand-washing facilities. On top of this, a rain-harvesting system was installed in her home to help provide clean water for the family and reduce the time her grandsons spend collecting water.


Jessica’s family now have a bathroom with two toilets, a washroom, and hand washing facilities

Through the generosity of a sponsor, her older grandson is also now able to go to school!


Jessica and her family are so happy and grateful to God for this support, and she continues to work hard to support her grandchildren.

Throughout 2018, we want to provide so many families with Water and Sanitation interventions. We are currently working in two sub-counties in Buikwe District with a total of 54 villages.

In 2018 we want to provide four villages with a holistic Water Programme to provide each one with a mixture of new borehole wells, rehabilitated water sources, toilets for families and public spaces, hygiene education in schools. training for new pump mechanics and sanitation solutions for the whole community.

To do this we need to raise £25,000 per village.

This Lent, please consider supporting our Water Projects and help transform the lives of more families like Jessica’s.

Written by Katie on 16/3/2018
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