December 15th, 2023

Pass the Parcel | eBay

Did you know?
Selling an item that benefits a charity may help it sell faster – even when at a premium price. Donating 10% or more and your item will feature an attention-grabbing Ebay for Charity ribbon, and may even be listed in the Charity Shop. You will also reduce your seller fees!

Do you have any unwanted Christmas gifts?

Christmas can be so overwhelming. Who got what, from whom, and where is it all going to go?!

Did Auntie Margaret get you a gravy boat… again? Or perhaps Uncle Colin bought you a jumper that fits more like a sleeping bag? Keep or dispose – such a commonplace ethical dilemma in the 21st century!

Thankfully, by listing these items on eBay, they don’t have to know. By doing so, and choosing International Needs UK as a beneficiary, you can save their feelings, recycle rather than bin them, and contribute to our work around the world.

We’re urging our supporters to ‘Pass the Parcel’, and donate some – or all – of the proceeds to IN UK. In doing so, this will reduce your seller fees, and if 100% of the sale is given, the seller fees are waived.

So, either in the build up to Christmas, or once the turkey fog has passed, why not think about what you’re not using, and what might be useful to another member of our IN family?

If I want to sell on eBay, how does it work?


First: use eBay’s Charity Search to find your favourite charity or type International Needs UK into the box, then look for Donate a portion to charity when you list your item. Select International Needs UK and pick your donation percentage before finalising your listing.

Sell and ship to your customer as usual! No additional steps or paperwork required.

What can I buy on eBay to support International Needs?

It depends what our supporters have listed at any one time.

For the latest listings, visit – we hope you find something you like! Thanks for supporting us.