December 21st, 2022

Invision Winter 2022 Issue

copy of invision with mince pie and chocolate

Oops. We’re sorry. We are aware that, due to an administrative error, some people have not received the Winter 2022 edition of invision as planned. In other cases, you might have received it, but with a curiously jumbled-up address (don’t ask – it’s complicated!). Continuing delays as a result of the postal strike will have affected the delivery of still other copies.

As a result of all the uncertainty – and to ensure you are kept fully informed – we’re including an electronic version here. If you would still prefer a printed copy, please let us know by emailing and we will prioritise this in the new year. If you have received it already, we hope that you discover something that inspires or encourages you, perhaps alongside a steaming mug of tea and a mince pie.

The challenges we’ve had do, however, give me an opportunity to highlight an article on page 23 about our new classrooms at La Bonne Nouvelle school in Burkina Faso. Programme and Partnership Manager Asmau Durnin writes that these classrooms ‘will provide a place of stability and learning for more than 200 students’, against a context of terrorism and political unrest in much of the country. Families continue to flee the violence, with displaced people arriving in the relative safety of Bobo-Dioulasso every day.

Since we published the magazine, I’m delighted to update you that the £94,774 target for this appeal has now been reached! I’m also able to include this short video from La Bonne Nouvelle that we couldn’t include in the print version.

We are so thankful for your support of this initiative, which will make a huge difference to hundreds of young people at this time of turmoil, and as the facility equips many more generations in the years to come.

Look out for our next Back to School programme in 2023, which will offer more ways of supporting access to education through IN UK’s global network.