May 26th, 2022

IN Burkina Faso is Making Great Strides!

Asmau Durnin

Programmes and Partnerships Manager

Students at the La Bonne Nouvelle School

IN Burkina Faso, with the support of its partners, has been helping children who have been victims of terrorism who have taken refuge in Bobo-Dioulasso. Since the beginning of 2021, 51 refugee and orphan children have been admitted into the International Needs Group Assistance Programme (INGAP) to make a total of 156 children. The programme has been successful so far in supporting the full integration of children back into academics and in restoring their hopes for a bright future. International Needs US has supported the team in Burkina Faso with a motorbike to aid the visitation of children under INGAP as well as office furniture to increase their capacity for reporting and archiving.

The International Needs team in Burkina Faso have been busy making great strides with evangelism and providing relief, education, and medical assistance to vulnerable families which have been distressed by violence and terrorism in the country.

Motorbike for INGAP Visits supported by IN US

Miss Tabita Kone Coordinator of INCAP Using New Computer Supported by IN US

To accommodate the new refugee students, a classroom expansion project costing £84,169 has also commenced with IN UK’s support to build additional classrooms which will take up to 200 new students at La Bonne Nouvelle school.

Preparations for the second story of Classrooms at La Bonne Nouvelle School

The team has also been busy with a feeding programme for the thousands of families who have fled into Bobo-Dioulasso from terrorism in other parts of the country.Many of those who were able to reach Bobo-Dioulasso are widows and orphans who lost their husbands and fathers during the attacks. IN Burkina Faso launched a food distribution programme to relieve the refugees with more than 100 households receiving a bag of rice. The initiative was well appreciated by the Burkina Faso government. In addition to the distribution of food, the team took the opportunity to share their Christian faith and distribute Bibles with those who were interested.

Widows receiving food support

Pastor Jean Kone of IN Burkina Faso with group of trainee Evangelists

With the help of partners, the team in Burkina Faso are doing so much for local communities in crisis!

Please get in touch with us by calling 01883 331332 or email Danny Morris on If you would like to know more to support the work in Burkina Faso.