June 24th, 2024

Egypt update

Egypt and other surrounding countries are still affected and are suffering as a consequence of the Palestine/Gaza conflict. The Economy of Egypt is not stable yet, prices keep going up and the government is trying to stabilise it. Headed by President al-Sisi, who has won a third term in office, Egypt needs wisdom from their president and government leaders to make difficult decisions.

Egypt hosts around 9 million registered refugees (according to UN figures) and asylum-seekers from 6 nationalities. As of October 2023, the Sudanese nationality has become the top nationality, followed by Syrians. Other relevant countries of origin include South Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Yemen, Somalia, and Iraq.

In Egypt helps the refugees financially and also helps with bags of food and any other daily needs.

IN Egypt loans
The loan project is going very well – we are giving loans with 0% interest to more than 300 persons all over Egypt.

This young lady is helping her sick mother and her siblings. She is talented in sewing; she took a loan to buy a sewing machine and she is starting her business in her local village. She has done very well – so much so that she has taken another loan, bought another sewing machine and is now working and making money on her own to help her family.

Empowering financially disadvantaged families
Most disadvantaged people IN Egypt encounters are widows or their husbands are ill and can’t work. We help them financially and we also them with their daily needs, such as food, milk, and blankets. On a case-by-case basis, we also help individuals in case of special needs – such as weddings, university, and more.

Training centre
Our training centre has been hosting many courses for kids and adults. IN Egypt runs a Mathematics course for children and has started a makeup course for ladies to help them start their own businesses. Pictured below is one young man learning hairdressing.