July 8th, 2016

A Small Moment – The impact of assisting a child’s education

Each big change starts with a small moment…and you have given a child or student that small moment that changed everything for them.

You did something amazing when you decided to sponsor a child’s education.

Madhu’s father walked out on his family shortly after she was born, leaving 5 children for her mother to care for. He provided no support as he re-married and left the country. Madhu’s mother, working as a domestic help, struggled to provide for her girls on a day to day basis.

Madhu always dreamed of becoming a Nurse, but without an education this was impossible. Then, in 2005, a small moment changed Madhu’s life forever when a couple from London decided to sponsor her. Now, a young woman, she has completed her Nurses training and is even able to help her sister through the same course.

Her sponsor Christine says: “It has been wonderful to see Madhu and her sister training to be Nurses and I am very glad to have been a part of their lives. Madhu’s letters are always encouraging and full of information about her family. I believe it is very worthwhile sponsoring children and young people as it makes a huge impact on the whole family.”

Stories like this only happen because of people like you. As you continue to support children and students like Madhu, more
and more small moments are happening.
This adds up to massive changes for children and students across the world.

Currently we need sponsors for:

6 Nepalese children

300 primary children in Burkina Faso’s new school

12 Ghanaian children

1 Filipino student

5 deaf children in DR Congo

If you are interested in assisting a child, then please get in touch with:

Jo Wilson, Sponsorship Coordinator

or 01883 331332