Vocational Training for Young Egyptians

Vocational Training for Young Egyptians

Due to the current civil unrest in Egypt, the country is facing severe economic decline. Many have lost their jobs and do not have the skills to find work elsewhere, leaving them and their families unable to manage. To combat this problem, International Needs Egypt teamed up with an Egyptian businessman and set up a vocational training centre in Cairo this year.

The centre now welcomes groups of Christian and Muslim students who study subjects such as English, IT, hairdressing and machinery repair. After completing their course, students are given a starter kit which includes resources that allow them to set up their own business in their chosen field. The vocational training centre aims to equip students with knowledge and skills that will enable them to tackle the current economic problems in Egypt.

Many students are graduates, however there is a distinct lack in trade skills that can provide income. The centre provides English language as well as specific vocational training in trades such as mobile phone and IT repair or air conditioner servicing so the young long term unemployed can develop better opportunities to earn income and support their families.

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August 23rd, 2017

Esther Thapa from IN Nepal here in the UK

On September 9th to the 18th, we are hosting Esther Thapa. Esther is the executive director of IN Nepal. She and her team work to support families through community workers across the districts of Nepal and empower women by offering vocational training at the Lydia centre Kathmandu. The Lydia centre is an amazing place that offers women already so disadvantaged from their gender and their caste, an opportunity for life. By learning specific tailoring skills and gaining vital life skills, Lydia women can face the future with confidence. Please do take a look at this video we posted to demonstrate the incredible outcomes of the work of Esther and her team. If you would like to come and hear Esther speak or would like to invite her to an event in your community or church, please call the IN office on 01883 331332.