Sanitation and Hygiene with Kpogede Community School

Sanitation and Hygiene with Kpogede Community School

Access to adequate toilets is essential to enable children to go to school. Bad hygiene and poor sanitation are major contributors to the prevalence of water-borne sickness and diarrheal disease.

The Kpogede Community is located in the Volta Region of Ghana. Families here had limited access to sanitation facilities. The area has a high prevalence of water-related diseases including schistosomiasis (parasitic worms), cholera and diarrhoea. These were particularly affecting young children.

Kpogede Community School was lacking basic facilities with only two toilets (used by over 300 students), no handwashing facilities and no changing rooms. The lack of facilities meant that many children would go to the toilet in the school grounds. Not only is this unhygienic but open defecation put the children and teachers at high risk of diarrheal disease.

In 2016 we worked with Kpogede Community School to build a toilet block for the students, handwashing facilities, and changing rooms. We also supported the school to implement a hygiene awareness programme as part of the school curriculum and a community education programme to equip local families with safe hygiene and sanitation practices.

With these improved facilities and educational programmes,  the risk of water-borne diseases will be minimised and provide safe and clean sanitation facilities and practices for all the children at Kpogede Community School and in the wider community.

Building the new toilet block


This project was completed in August 2022



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project updates

October 7th, 2022

Sanitation for Dignity Project Completed!

We are glad that the new 7- unit latrine toilets are now completed! We’ve been supporting IN Ghana with funds to construct new toilets at the Togbe Aho Memorial School at Kebenu, Central Tongu District, Ghana.  

The toilets and changing room have been solidly built and finished to quality standards with a demarcation for the girls’ areas from the boys. The new units will put an end to open defecation by students and allow girls in particular to come to school during their periods, as they now have facilities to wash and a changing area.  

Earlier this month, IN Ghana also supported a forum on toilet facility usage and appropriate sanitation and hygiene habits in collaboration with the Ghana Health Services, Health Promotion Unit.  

The Parent Teacher Association, represented by staff and executives of the Association also met to share ideas on how to ensure the sustainability of the project. They discussed ways to ensure that the facility is kept clean at all times and how the PTA can fundraise for maintenance. 

The children of Togbe Aho Memorial School are very excited this academic season given the new facilities!  

October 07th 2022

Project launched