Rebuilding livelihoods in rural Nepal

Rebuilding livelihoods in rural Nepal

A common phenomenon in many developing nations is the mass migration to cities. Nepal has been experiencing rural depopulation for a number of years now as people move to Kathmandu in search of a better life. Another challenge is the migration of manual labourers from the rural communities to work abroad. It is estimated that around 2000 men travel abroad every day to look for work and according to Nepali government statistics almost 2.2 million men work abroad for many years at a time. This also takes its toll on the family and the stability of rural communities. The earthquake of April 2015 compounded both these problems as it devastated the country and particularly affected the rural communities in the mountains. The devastation left many families in the remote villages without shelter and without means to make income for have food security. They suffered greatly when their houses collapsed or were crushed by landslides and livestock and crops were destroyed.

The Livelihood Program is a new program established after April 2015 in response to help the longer term rebuilding of the nation after the devastating 2015 earthquake. The aim of the Livelihoods program is to help earthquake-affected families be able to generate more income in their locality. IN will create new small businesses, provide training, replenish livestock and encourage startups through loan schemes to support families and increase revenue and contribute toward the local economy and overall food security.

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July 8th, 2016

Nepal Earthquake

Since the April 25th earthquake last year, IN supporters demonstrated such generosity and care for the people of Nepal by raising over £44,000. This enabled us to mobilise quickly and distribute relief in the form of food and rigid shelter materials to hundreds of families and households in the remote and mountainous areas.

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