Mainstreaming Diversity in Schools in Uganda

Mainstreaming Diversity in Schools in Uganda

We are delighted to be working with UNESCO Chair and BFSS to deliver a Sports Inclusive Programme in Buikwe, Uganda. This is in response to the great local discrimination faced by children with disabilities and their severely limited opportunities to get an education.

We believe education is important for all children.

The Problem

Due to a limited local understanding about disability many children with disabilities are neglected, isolated and even demonised.  Many families will believe they are cursed if a child with disabilities is born to them. They experience severely limited opportunities, especially for an education.

We want to change this, and with your help, we can.

We want to change local attitudes towards disability and improve the capacity of schools to welcome children with disabilities and to meet their needs. We have seen the transformative power of sport and are using this as we begin this work.

Our Project

There are four key components to our Disability Inclusion Project in Schools:

  1. Disability Inclusive Sports Training for Teachers from 14 schools (18th – 22nd September)
  2. Disability Inclusive Sports Festival for students from the 14 schools (25th November)
  3. Providing the 14 schools with sports equipment
  4. Development of a disability inclusion policy with all 14 schools

We are using the medium of sport as an effective way to raise awareness and starting to change attitudes. Sport can be a great way to grow confidence, character and team building. We want to help all children with disabilities currently attending these 14 schools to be able to access the empowerment benefits of sports.

The aim of the festival is partly to help the teachers put into practice what they have learnt in the training as they plan and run the festival. It is also to give children with disabilities the opportunity to compete in a local sporting event. More than all, it is an awareness raising exercise to promote to all parents and the community how important it is to invest in a child with disabilities and bring them into schools. With changed attitudes, we hope more parents will come forward to send their child with disabilities to school.

The Experts

We are delighted to have two sets of experts to lead this work. UNESCO Chair is an arm of UNESCO, focussed on making sports and physical activity inclusive around the world. They will be running the teacher training and monitoring its impact with the resources they have developed.

The other experts are our team in Uganda, who have the local knowledge, insights, networks and leverage to ensure the messaging from this work has the biggest impact to bring social change.


To run this project, we need a total of £21,360. We are delighted to have received £10,000 from British Foreign Schools Society towards this project and are now working to raise the remaining funds.

Can you help us? Could you commit to a portion of this target?

Get in touch: Ali Mbugua, Programme Manager, e:

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