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Classrooms for La Bonne Nouvelle School

Classrooms for La Bonne Nouvelle School

Our vision:
To see all children in Colma access the undeniable benefits of education, regardless of gender, religion or family wealth.

Project goal:

To build the capacity of an existing local school (La Bonne Nouvelle) by adding 4 new classrooms to meet the rising demand of school places and partnering with the local government of Bobo Dioulasso who are supporting assisted places.

Bobo Dioulasso:

In 2005, International Needs opened La Bonne Nouvelle School in Colma, a northern district of Bobo Dioulasso; the second largest city in Burkina Faso.  Bobo is a city that had a population of 600,000 ten years ago. It now exceeds 1.5 million.  Many families are abandoning a rural way of life to seek new opportunities in the city. Yet when they reach the city, there is inadequate infrastructure to cope with the influx of people. Schools are particularly affected, unable to cope with the growing numbers many are oversubscribed or have class sizes in excess of 100 pupils.

Many families who live in Colma cannot afford school fees for their children, which has lead to the increase in unlicensed schools operating here. These schools take advantage of poorer parents and children by taking money but having no interest in providing quality education; class sizes in these schools can reach up to 200 pupils! Last year the government shut down 71 of these unlicensed schools in Colma where the poorest families have been sending their children, displacing thousands of students. This has put pressure on the entire education system as thousands of more children are now looking for new school spaces.

The Project in 2018:

La Bonne Nouvelle is made up of both a primary and secondary school, which are currently attended by over 450 pupils.  The school welcomes all children of all faiths but has particularly helped Muslim girls who often do not get the opportunity for education often due to economic and cultural reasons.

Rather than build new schools, we have decided it is more cost-effective to expand the ones we currently run. Due to the high demand for school places The Burkina Faso Ministry of Education has asked La Bonne Nouvelle School to take on an additional 140 paid places and has committed to continue funding them for five years, starting in September 2018. There is pressure on the school to help yet we don’t want to sacrifice offering these children a quality education. This September the school may attract nearly 700 pupils, increasing its capacity by 30%. To avoid overcrowded classes we urgently need to build another four classrooms.

This will cost £15,000 per classroom to build and equip them ready for the September 2018 term.

To plan ahead for potential future expansion we will include foundations that will allow for future classrooms to be added in the future as a second storey. We have already been pledged enough money to begin building in April, but we need to raise a further £45,000 by June 2018 to ensure the classrooms are complete before the school term begins in September.


The 2018 Building Plans for the addition of four new classrooms at La Bonne Nouvelle School