Burkina Faso Emergency appeal

Burkina Faso Emergency appeal

Malaria and dengue fever impact everyone in Burkina Faso currently, with certain groups, including pregnant women, children under five, and displaced persons, at higher risks. Additionally, there are growing concerns about hygiene-related diseases within the population. On top of all these issues, the influx of displaced persons into Bobo-Dioulasso has led to increased occurrences of common diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B, and tuberculosis among these groups.

Therefore, preventative measures are essential for addressing these health issues.

Distributing mosquito nets, spraying medical centres, and ensuring early detection and management of these diseases are critical steps in saving lives.

We are also planning to help those who cannot afford buying medicines, including many internally displaced people who have fled to Bobo because of jihadist violence in their own rural communities.

Please give generously. Thank you.

Burkina Faso


Key facts


  • With the rainy season imminent, so too is the mosquito hatching season
  • Dengue fever and malarial infections are predicted to peak
  • IN plans an insecticidal spraying regime to help counter the threat
  • 1,500 mosquito nets also to be distributed to the most vulnerable families

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project updates

June 04th 2024

Project launched