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Giving life, risking death: Burkina Faso Maternity Unit

Giving life, risking death: Burkina Faso Maternity Unit

The miracle of life is a blessing that all families should celebrate .

Treacherous roads, long distances and high costs of health care all contribute towards the risks of giving birth.

Burkina Faso is located in West Africa, the country is landlocked, arid and has little industrialisation. The majority of the population survive on subsistence farming whilst the two major cities are rapidly growing as people try to escape this way of living. With little investment in rural areas, access to necessary facilities such as adequate health centres is hard to come by. To address this challenge, International Needs started building a health centre in 2009. This facility has been helping families combat sickness and disease in Bobo Dioulasso since then.

In Burkina Faso, home births are one of the leading causes of child mortality and women dying from post natal complications. We want to help change this. In our health centre, we have an average of 40 – 50 babies born every month. Unfortunately there is very limited space and we are unable to give the best care for mothers at their most vulnerable time.

We are building and equipping a maternity unit to offer a new seven bed facility with pre and post natal care. The team of trained medical staff will be able to provide families a safe place of care and assistance at the time of birth.

Please can you help us? Burkina Faso needs you to help pregnant mothers and newborns. You can help beat the statistics!


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March 8th, 2017

YOU DID IT – a new maternity unit in Bobo!

Thank you to everyone who has been partnering with us on this project, we are finally finished and the maternity unit is open for use. Young families, mothers and babies will experience a health centre that offers all the support required for antenatal and postnatal care as well as a safe place for delivery. With over £100,000 raised, we finally Read more