Emergency Appeal – Ukraine Refugees

Emergency Appeal – Ukraine Refugees

Our partners in Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria are ready and desperate to support the thousands of Ukrainian refugees crossing the borders looking for safety. Can you help us by donating through our website?

We are all seeing the desperate stories in the news about families fleeing their homes, families being separated as some remain to fight, and families suffering devastating losses. We are glad to be able to offer an opportunity to help do something for our brothers and sisters in great need.

We still need help to provide:

  • Transport for refugees to move from the border to safety
  • Food for refugee families
  • Helping local families open their homes to refugees
  • Clothes, medicines and other basic needs
  • Rent for accommodation
  • Bedding to be used on church floors and conference centres

International Needs Slovakia and International Needs Romania have been part of the International Needs Network for over 25 years. Their ministries focus on church planting, schools ministries and working with Roma communities. They work through a network of pastors, churches, church planters and schools. Now in this time of crisis they are responding to the urgent needs of the thousands of refugees arriving in their countries.

We ask you to donate to this appeal to provide urgent support for these families. We will share news of our planned response over the coming weeks but wanted to share with you this opportunity to give as soon as possible. Around the IN Network, we have now raised more than US$500,000 to meet these most urgent needs, but the scale of the devastation means that we must build on our initial response.

See our latest report on the right for details of how your money is being spent.


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Helping Ukrainian Families - February 2023

Special event: 24 February 2023
Join Danny Morris and IN panellists from the region as they reflect on Ukraine – One Year On

Latest news: 10 February 2023
Download our latest report, Helping Ukrainian Families


  • Several million refugees have crossed from Ukraine into other Eastern European nations since the invasion on 24 February 2022
  • IN has now provided more than 150,000 meals to displaced people within Ukraine, through multiple convoys of food aid into areas close to the front lines
  • Work is ongoing to support refugee communities in Romania, Slovakia and now also Bulgaria

Help support our efforts

Donate today and help our ongoing work to improve the lives of families around the world. By supporting our different areas of development, your generosity will deliver impact and real change.

project updates

March 18th, 2024

Not forgotten: Ukrainian refugee support in Romania

As of January 2024, there are 78,400 Ukrainian refugees in Romania. The overall population of refugees from Ukraine in Romania has decreased from 85,000 individuals in December 2023 (Ref: UN High Commissioner for Refugees). UNHCR have observed that some of the most vulnerable refugees left Romania, both to Ukraine and to other European countries, as they cannot continue sustaining rent and other expenses without financial support.

Two boys who hope to attend the school in Romania soon.

International Needs Romania has continued to provide this much-needed support, as families are still struggling with the consequences of war. When the outbreak of war began, the initial aim of IN was to provide food, shelter, transport, and basic medical care. By the end of 2022, the focus shifted towards rehabilitation: helping Ukrainians to settle in their host communities and begin supporting themselves.

Ukrainian refugee girl who will attend the temporary school in Sighisoara

International Needs UK has been running a kindergarten in Danes, Romania, for children aged 0-5 years. The kindergarten has provided a safe space in which (often traumatised) children could play, find a sense of normality, and begin to learn, grow, and develop.

Children in the temporary school.

Due to unforeseen needs that affected the refugee community in Romania, a new adapted programme had to be made which includes both a kindergarten and primary school for children aged 0 – 11 years.

The goal is to provide education and day care for 43 children of Ukrainian refugees. It will run across two sites – a Kindergarten in the village of Danes and a school in the town of Sighisoara, a few kilometres away.

The kindergarten has brought children and their parents together. It has provided positive activities and a space for both adults and children to build relationships.

Families have been placed in suitable accommodation. A voucher system has been created, which enables refugees to buy food from a social shop and clothes from a second-hand store. Weekly meet-ups have been organised to strengthen bonds in small groups.

Some examples of how we provide support to children and families:

  • Meals and snacks are provided to children from the Kindergarten and Day Care Centre
  • Help with homework
  • Additional classes in Romanian and English
  • Lessons with a speech therapist
  • Themed days (drawing, general development clubs)
  • Consultations with a psychologist and emotional support
  • Preschool lessons for kindergarten children
  • Media literacy

Learning and help with homework.

Romanian and English lessons.

Teaching media literacy.

Festive family days as part of helping with integration.

There are so many incredible stories of rehabilitation, love and transformation from our programme in Romania. Here is one true story…

Meet Sofia

Sofia* is a single Ukrainian woman who came to Romania to find refuge for her children. She got married when she was very young and was blessed with seven children.

From the outside it seemed like they were a happy family, but Sofia had been suffering in silence for a long time. Her husband mistreated her and neglected their children. All the weight of responsibility fell on Sofia’s shoulders, who tried her best to take care of all seven children, to maintain the house and everything related to the household.

Sofia was then abandoned by her husband completely. She found herself in a tough situation: she did not work, did not have any money set aside, and was not able to raise her children without an income. On top of this, the outbreak of the Ukraine war put their lives in danger and they had nowhere to go to find shelter in their country.

Without money, food or sufficient clothes, and having nothing left to lose, Sofia fled with her children to Romania. They arrived in Arad where Sofia and her precious children have found a safe place to live, receive food, clothes and other necessary things. Sofia is SO grateful for those that have supported her family, and she gives thanks to God for your care.

*Name changed to protect identity

January 19th, 2023

Graham Kendrick Concert – The Highlights

We had the honour of being led by Graham Kendrick and band for a time of Thanksgiving, Hope and Vision. And what a night it was. As the first in-person event for a couple of years, due to the dreaded lockdown, we were particularly grateful for the opportunity to join together in worship and feel God’s presence.

2022 had its challenges; a few obvious examples being the pandemic and worryingly intensifying conditions around the world. But what we were so overwhelmed to see was an incredible outpouring of generosity for our projects – despite these challenges. All the uncertainty and fear brought about by the war in Ukraine and the consequent rise of living costs has been palpable; and yet, we were witness to a wave of compassionate giving. Whether that was the giving of our volunteers, individuals doing fundraisers or generosity from our IN family members and supporters. Many of you were a huge help with our emergency efforts to support Ukrainian refugees.

We continue to be AMAZED

Thank you to all of our supporters for giving to our Ukrainian Refugee Emergency Appeal. At the Graham Kendrick Concert we had made a bold target of raising £3,000 on the night, However, were completely overwhelmed by our audience who helped to raise exactly £4,701.31! Many donated not once but twice to help us get there and to release the full amount of match funding.

With £3,000 in matched funding, the total came to £7,701.31. We want to thank you again for your generosity!

We put together of few concert highlights for you…



January 19th 2023

Project launched