Deputation: Online event on Friday 12 July


Originally trained as a teacher, Revd Justus Miwanda is an Anglican minister currently co-pastoring St John’s Church in Kampala, Uganda. He has also been the Executive Director of International Needs in Uganda for more than 15 years.

This summer, Justus will visit churches and groups across the UK to share about IN’s extensive ministry to some of the most in-need communities in Uganda. IN runs four schools and sponsors more than 3,000 children. Justus also oversees numerous community development projects, from clean drinking water supplies to disability inclusion programmes. He’s responsible for a health centre in Makonge, an Aids prevention programme and an agricultural livelihoods training project.

We do hope you’ll be able to join us as Justus speaks and takesĀ your questions in a special online event on Friday 12 July at 7pm.

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