Slovakia is located in central Europe, south of Poland, with a population of 5.4 million people. Slovakia is famous for its folk architecture and for being the home of the European Dead Sea. The Slovaks make up 83.3% of the population (CIA World Factbook, 2021).  

As a country that borders Ukraine, Slovakia has also been receiving Ukrainian refugees, since the start of the Russian ‘special military operation’ in February 2022. As of 9 August 2022, Slovak authorities reported 668,195 border crossings from Ukraine – 95% reported to be refugees (, 2022). 

International Needs Slovakia (IN Slovakia) has grown primarily through personal evangelism, with the gospel spreading most effectively among teens and young adults. Since the Russian attacks in Ukraine the team have been working closely with IN Romania, helping to respond to the urgent needs of the thousands of Ukrainian refugees arriving in their country with relief emergency support, placements with local families, transportation to safe locations within Slovakia, assistance with legal documentation, establishing support hubs within churches and Christian communities for nourishment, spiritual counselling for bereaved families, fun activities for both adults and children and much more.  

IN Slovakia also runs a Christian Conference and Retreat Centre in Rackova Dolina, two Community centres, Housing First ministry, ministry to refugees from Ukraine, publishes Our Daily Bread in the Slovak language, and supports children in Uganda. The Executive Director of IN Slovakia, Pavel Sinko, is personally involved in the ministry among Roma (Gypsies) in Cinobana and Detva. Ministries include Church Planting and Evangelism, English Camps, Ministry to Gypsies, Ministry to refugees, Community Programs, and a Christian Conference Centre and Retreat Centre.


Country director

Pavel Sinko

Pavel has been the Executive Director of International Needs Slovakia for over 25 years, he originally trained as an electrical engineer, and since 1993 has served in full-time ministry. Pavel is married to Jane and they have three children. Pavel serves as Executive Director of International Needs Slovakia. He is responsible for all areas of the Slovakia ministry, including youth evangelism, summer English camps, and the ministries to children, youth, women, and families at the Community Centre 3Pe in Lucenec.

about Slovakia

Capital: Bratislava

Population: 5.4 million

Official language: Slovak

Location: Central Europe

Climate: Temperate; cool summers; cold, cloudy, humid winters

Main Religions: Roman Catholic 55.8%, none 23.8% (2021 est.)

Largest Age Group: 25-54 years: 44.61%

Population Density: A fairly even distribution throughout most of the country; slightly larger concentration in the west in proximity to the Czech border

Natural Hazards: Flooding