RUSH Women’s Fellowship

RUSH Women’s Fellowship

RUSH Women’s Fellowship is one of the projects run by our new partners RUSH Kenya who are based in Kakamega, Western Kenya. As of May 2018, we are supporting this work through International Needs Kenya. RUSH Kenya was founded and is managed by Lucy and Andrew Amukowa.

The Women’s Fellowship group meet once or sometimes twice a week. They worship, and one member preaches. Following this, group leaders report to the meeting what has been going on and share the needs of the community. Women also bring vegetables and other produce to sell amongst themselves. After the meetings the adult literacy group meet to study literacy and IT to prepare for government recognised exams.


The women’s group often get together to help each other prepare land for farming and to sow seeds. They support each other to grow produce they can share and sell.

We look forward to supporting this ministry in the near future.

latest news

December 3rd, 2018

Our New Partnership with RUSH Kenya

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with RUSH Kenya, led by Andrew and Lucy Amukowa. RUSH Kenya provides vital support to poor and vulnerable families in Kakamega, Western Kenya. They run two schools and various community projects such as a women’s fellowship, feeding programme and adult literacy classes. We are glad to welcome them into the International Needs family as they start to work with International Needs Kenya and UK.

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