New Toilets in Togbe Aho Memorial School in Ghana

New Toilets in Togbe Aho Memorial School in Ghana

Around the world, many girls stop going to school when they start their periods, or miss about a week of school each month. Inevitably, these young girls fall behind in their education quickly and get fewer employment opportunities. Much of this can be avoided if girls are better supported with adequate sanitation facilities within school.

The Togbe Aho Memorial School is located at Kebenu in Central Tongu District of the Volta Region of Ghana. International Needs Ghana has supported the school with the International Needs Child Assistance Programme (INCAP), School Feeding, Medical Outreaches and recently the provision of onsite treated piped water. International Needs UK is now helping them set-up WASH facilities (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) by funding the construction of a changing room for girls and 7-unit toilet facility for both boys and girls in the school. The existing toilet facility was dilapidated and contributed to the practice of open defecation with students going to ease themselves behind bushes with the risk of exposure to dangerous reptiles such as snakes and scorpions. It is particularly difficult for girls who lack a clean changing area during their periods.

International Needs Ghana has began construction and plans to complete the project by September 2022!

Positive Sanitation and Hygiene

When the toilets have been completed, International Needs Ghana plans to partner with the Central Tongu District Ghana Education Service (GES) and Ghana Health Service to deliver participatory sessions on the positives of sanitation and good hygiene to the students.

To promote sustainability and ownership of the project, International Needs Ghana will also engage the community leaders and Parent, Teacher Association (PTA) to plan on the management and maintenance of the new toilets and the promotion of positive sanitation and hygiene behaviour.

Total Project cost: £18,645